Pardon Us

Everything sucks music 

Trying to keep hope

When everything’s so hopeless 

Believing in the sunshine though

This life is cold and grey, try not to lose heart. 

I’ve written about pardon us in the past. From seeing them live at rebellion through to play of the day and then their interview a couple of years ago. This is the record I was waiting for. It’s a fast paced pop punk encounter with despair and the reality that at time’s life does suck. When you go beyond the walls of your home (if you’re fortunate enough to have one) and beyond your family the greyness and despair can take over. 

Pardon Us sing of that life. One in the gutter, one where the glass is half empty and where the sun doesn’t get to shine. However they want to take your hand, out an arm around your shoulder and let you know they are there for you. The technicolour may not come back into your life but with strength in numbers things do ease. 

This record is a cathartic experience. I was starting to find The Christmas and new year festivities over bearing. Sometimes I just need to put those covers over my face and block out the world. Pardon us ringing in my ears helps.  They know.  Top class


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