Hope Show 136 available here

Hope Show 136 – The Playlist

  1. Subhumans – Reason For Existence
  2. Aerial Salad – Fever Dream
  3. Black Flag – TV Party
  4. Martha (with John Samson) – When I Write my Masters Thesis
  5. Badgewearer – Toot and Come In
  6. Badgewearer – True If Destroyed
  7. Neutrals – HItlers In the Charts Again
  8. Charmpit – Sophomore Year
  9. Pup – Reservoir
  10. Off With Their Heads – Focus On Your Own Family
  11. Funeral Oration – This Punk Thing
  12. Pardon Us – We Aren’t The Champions
  13. Anti Flag – NBC
  14. Sleater Kinney – Modern Girl
  15. Grave Babies – Concrete Cell
  16. Arms Aloft – Three ALtars For Rats
  17. Murderburgers – Axe To Grind
  18. Grand Collapse – Through Bloodshot and Blurry

Hope Show 136 – The Lowdown

I’m starting tonight with Subhumans. Some good punk rock with meaning

Aerial Salad have a new album out this week, Dirt Mall. The Manchester punks play a snotty mid paced punk rock that is a joy live.

I saw Black Flag but as Flag. The songs were good but Rollins fronting Black Flag was some era.

Martha brought aout an online compilation last week. A collection of odds and sods including this song written by John K Samson, formerly of Weakerthans

Badgewearer were a quirky Scotish group bashing their guitars in the early 90’s. They had an album called Nowness on Guided Missile which I keep going back to you when I want some good post punk Gang of Four sounding noise without listening to Gang Of Four

Neutrals have a Scotish connection too and don’t sound a million miles away frm Badgewearer (are they within the 2 metres social distance of them?) they have a new ep out very very soon

Charmpit‘s new record is out now. London based Anarcuties is how they describe themselves

I’ve decided to have a bit of a sing song here Pup – Reservoir starts it

“Never Be Scared, Never Be frightened, hold your head up high”.

I was really looking forward to Manchester Punk Festival as Off With their heads were due to play. Focus On Your Own Family is up there with many classic songs for me. I was hoping and wishing I could here this live, fists in the air I LOVE this song, poignant in this bizarre time

Funeral Oration, along with the Ex, must be the best punk band to come from the Netherlands. This Punk thing is a way of life alright

Pardon Us recent album, Wait is a collection of great songs of hope. It was play f the day on this site back in January. They may be the champions of the Liverpool punk scene

Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney autobiograpy is called Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. It was book of the week here last month. And then their new record has a song called Modern Girl on it? Who’d have guessed it

Honestly this Grave Babies song isn’t played at the wronmg speed. The Hardly Art label has a habit of picking strange bands that are alluring.

Arms Aloft have a split sing with Geurilla Poubelle, this is from that. Sing along heartfelt punk rock

The Murderburgers What A mess album is really good. I played them a few weeks ago but I don’t want you to forget about it

I missed Grand Collapse when they played Ireland a while back. Fast and raw and heartfelt

There’s something about Pizzatramp that I love. Songs are real short and sharp

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