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I played in a band in 1988 called Not Our World. We wanted to change our world and play some music along the way- one of the songs we wrote was called Heard It Before. In it we mentioned al the causes we sang about and sang over and over again “have you heard it before”. I’m so happy to know that 33 years later Pardon Us have a song in their album ‘Still needs singing’

“And if you’ve heard it all before, That’s cos we’ve sung it all before And we still sing it, cos it still needs singing”

Still needs singing – Pardon Us

This record is just one big merry go round of smiles and punk pop anthems of community, promise and challenge. A heartfelt plea for us all to keep working together and be proud of our community. 

It carries on where the first album left of. Thankfully we haven’t had to wait too long between records and this is not one of those disappointing second releases. 

“Every day the sun will rise and every stray deserves a part of it”

This is a band for those that may feel disenfranchised or those in the margins. Pardon Us make no apology about rallying on your behalf if you are on that edge. Let them in, smile and sing along. Your life will be so much better for it.


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