Quiet enough week this week as we get back to whatever normailty should be for 2020. Friday has plenty going on with three punk gigs clashing. At least the Dando Sessions is a late one so if you want to catch Last reserves you will be able to stroll down from Whelans or Bohs and see them. In Bohs that night is Rixe from France with anti-fascist songster, Jollars along with Surge and Grit. A pure outpouring of diy punk. in Whelans is the other side of the diy scene in Dublin as Chewing On Tinfoil sell out yet another gig in a completely independent manner. I was at their Grand Social sell-out in September and am looking forward to gatecrashing the party again on Friday. On Saturday Protex are in town with dubtones alongside Gavin and the icons. A great weekend for sure

Nicetry – Whelans, Jan 9
Con Murphy – Whelans Upstairs, Jan 10
Dando Sessions with Last Reserves, the lord reverend mongo joans and the coathanger solution, Snubbed, Ms Fragile – Fibbers, Jan 10
Rixe, Jollars, Surge, Grit – Bohs Bar, Jan 10
Chewing On Tinfoil – Whelans, Jan 10
Train Room – Grand Social, Jan 10
Protex, Dubtones, Gavin and the Icons – The Underground, Jan 11
Mary Stokes Band – Grand Social, Jan 11
Shaun Ryder – Sugar Club, Jan 11
Amy Naessens – Whelans Upstairs, Jan 11

See a full list of upcoming gigs here

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