Seth Anderson
We Could Be
Little rocket / One Week Records

I often think of penalty takers or goalkeepers as the sporting equivalent of singer songwriters. Last line of defence or hero or villain ready to win a game singer / songwriters lay it all on the line. Seth certainly puts it all out ther. Passionate folk music, one man armed with a guitar and his feelings. All the sings are heartfelt, Seth is sharing his life with you, looking for that something which maybe football fans gve to goalkeepers or penalty takers who don’t make mistakes.

It is heartfelt words from the Canadian who just seems to be a down to earth guy. The last track on the record is an ode to his Dad, as I said all emotions are laid out on this beautiful marble vinyl. It makes me think of my own dad and the troubles nearly every one of us go through in life. There’s so few words written about it and Seth helps me understand the loneliness that goes with death. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how hard it is as we know it’s never far from our mind. The words “Oh when they said you were falling, I put my head in my hands, I swore to be strong, to be there for Mom, I could not foresee such a story”. Painful and beautiful.

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