Every so often a band comes along when I wish I was a teenager again with all the years of activism ahead that music inspired. I had my time with bands like Flux of Pink Indians, the Ex, Chumbawamba and then with the more nuanced politics of the three johns or Fugazi but while 7 Seconds sang about it being “not just boys fun” Petrol Girls are screaming, demanding an end to the patriarchy. While I spend my time saying we should be treating everyone equally Petrol Girls are demanding they be treated equally. They wear their hearts in their songs, they challenge and inspire and I look forward to seeing them in Dublin next week. i interviewed them for this blog just over a year ago and the words are just as relevant now.

With the gig coming up next week I asked Ren to pick 5 tunes that mean something to her

Destroyer – Milk Teeth

We are dead excited to have Becky from Milk Teeth stepping in for us on bass for this tour. Destroyer is their latest single!

Dream Nails – Corporate Realness

Latest single from our favourite feminist punk witches ! 

Landless – The Female Convict

I saw Landless up in Glasgow a year or so ago and they blew me away. 

Deux Furieuses – Year of Rage

We’re playing a couple of shows with Deux Furieuses on this run, and they just submitted the lyrics to this song to the zine we’re compiling – Beyond the Ballot box will be available for donations on all our January tour dates.

Nervus – Flies

First track off the fantastic new Nervus record Tough Crowd – I fucking love the gang vox at the end. 

Petrol Girls play Whelans Upstairs on Jan 22

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