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  1. Aerial Salad – Conservative Thinking
  2. Steve Ignorant – Love and a Lampost
  3. Dealing With Damage – Hate Can Set You Free
  4. Good Luck – Hey Matt
  5. Dinosaur Jnr – Tiny
  6. A Page Of Punk – Punk Til I Die
  7. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy
  8. Bear Trade – Bleedin’ Heart Trouble
  9. Flies On You – Katie Hopkins in a Human Form
  10. The Nilz – Welcome to the Toybox
  11. Foreign Legion – Strange Town
  12. Jon Creedon and the flying Hellfish – Coffee Shops
  13. NoFX – I don’t like me anymore
  14. Bob Mould – Voices In My Head
  15. Husker Du – Don’t Want To Know If You are lonely
  16. Natterers – Germs and Creeps
  17. Surge – Don’t Settle
  18. Downtown Boys – Promissory note
  19. Cereal Killer – Your Punk Scene Can Suck It
  20. Laikas Orbit – Way I Felt Before
  21. Lankum – Wild Rover

Starting off tonight with Aerial Salad, from their album Roach which is as fine a collection of skanking punkying tuneful songs I’ve heard in years. Firm fans in Wonk Unit and you can certainly see the connection

Steve Ignorant was the singer in Crass, he is slowly but surely coming around as his Slice Of Life project takes growth. This song is a cover of Schwarzeneggars The Way things are which Steve was also a singer in. I love this stripped down version, I think Steve bares his soul with his solo stuff. Vulnerable and passionate

Dealing With Damage are a band that really should be better know but they don’t care. They plod along the underground diy scene playing any gigs they can and with an optimism that belies their experience. Playing in bands for years and full of the enthusiasm and verve they showed many moons ago.

Good Luck have a couple of great records. They are from Bloomington Indian

Dinosaur Jnr’s sound is so recognisable. After all this time it is stiull that soaring guitar in front of J’s couldn’t care less voice

A Page of Punk live is the most spectacular thing i’ve seen in years. Bedlam

I Love Bear Trade. Should it be I loved Bear Trade now that they are no more. I played MisFortune Cookie the other week who feature the bulk of the band with Helen Chambers now singing. They are all great heartfelt singalong songs for the melancholic generation

Flies On You from Leeds are up next. Their song Katie Hopkins in Human Form talks of the great unwashed!! Are you one of those?

The Nilz from Dublin have been going for a few years in the underbelly of the irish music scene that is flourishing as the Irish DIY scene

I used to write to Marcus, the singer from Foreign Legion. We would exchange really long letters about our cities and our scenes. I love the fact they are still playing their catchy punk tunes after all this time. We all live in “a strange town”

Jon Creedon came to my notice as it’s a band with the namesake of RTE dj in Ireland. I listen regularly to Johns evening radio show and while this isn’t him wouldn’t it be cool if it was. It would take the show to a whole new level.

I still listen to NOFX. A lot of people I know have moved on as they hear of the bands antics. Fat Mike sings here I don’t like me anymore, I wonder if it really is written about his antics on stage rather than off?

I was talking to a friend of mine about Husker DU recently, what a great band they were, I decided to do a bit of now and then – now with Bob Mould

And Then with Husker Du, nothing more needs to be said

I wrote about Natterers on the blog recently – their album has pieces of Dead Kennedys but with a more quirky flavour. It’s a really good record

Irish band Surge punk it up a bit, in case you were starting to doze

Downtown Boys were scheduled to play Ireland during our last Red Weather Alert. They made it into the country but alas the gig never happened, we are all too snug on our homes (well those of lucky enough to have a roof over our heads were. I keep waiting and hoping for a return date.

Cereal Killer are one of a number of decent bands appearing from Australia. Yeah, I know, it’s a big country and they are bound to have some good bands. It’s a long way away though so it’s good to have them on our radar over here.

Laikas Orbit play power pop the way power pop should be played

Finally Lankum with their incredible take on the Irish Trad song – Wild Rover. Lankum are getting a lot of press and sold out gigs lately with their unique Irish sound. They are rooted in the punk scene and their politics of progressive thought are widely known and sung about. Which is great

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