radical Hope
Letters of love and dissent in dangerous times
Carolina DeRobertis
Vintage books

Dear friends living in the US.

I understand some of you are hurting st the moment. We all have issues in our countries with those in powers. I have friends all over the world who are wishing for some thing to change in their land. They look on as others seems to feel superior owing to a skin color, a post code or a gender.

When all feels lost where do we turn? Or more relevantly who do we turn to? We seek solace in memories and loved ones. That’s what gets us through the bad times. Well November 2016 felt like a bad time for many of you (but not all it has to be said). The activist Carolina Roberts was one full of despair. She saw a president getting elected that she deemed unfit for office. She was scared, worried and a bit lost.

She contacted many of the friends who were very much in the same emotional boat and sent out a plea for a book. Write a letter she said, let’s go back to the old way of communication. There are no rules but a general feeling that this letter has some basis in society today or a connection in their lives.

I have just finished this book. It is a
collection of short letters to family, friends and loved ones with a whole array of experiences. Collectively these are the experiences that make America great. A huge country with stories of inclusion amongst the desperation of trying to find and obtain equality.

If you get a chance seek it out. It will give you some hope.

I especially like the line from Viet Thanh Nguyen

“I want to listen to poets rather than pollsters. I want prosperity for all rather than profits for some. I want to believe in the people rather than the president”

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon

Your friend

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