James Yorkston, Robyn Hitchcock, Roddy Radiation, Dan Deacon, Terri Hooley – a great week to be on your own. Gig of the week for me is Glimmermen in the SoundHouse. Dublin pop rock band with some lovely tunes and a great pedigree in our underground scene.

This Weeks Gigs in Dublin

James Yorkston – Workmans Club, Jan 27
Robyn Hitchcock – Whelans, jan 28
DANNY O’BRIEN – Whelans, Jan 29
Sam Lewis – Whelans Upstairs, Jan 29
Advanced Rhythm – Workmans Club, Jan 29
Amigo The Devil – The Sound House, Jan 29
J Nasty, Benny Mac – Fibbers, Jan 30
Daughter Of Swords – Grand Social, Jan 30
Glimmermen, Crowhammer, Handsome Erik- The soundHouse, Jan 30
Hail The Ghost – Whelans, Jan 31
Roddy Radiation and the Skabilly Rebels – Thomas House, Jan 31
Dan deacon, Gadget and the cloud – grand social, jan 31
In Conversation with Terri Hooley – Sugar Club, Jan 31
Odd Morris – Whelans Upstairs, Jan 31
Current Swell – Soundhouse, Feb 1
Somebodys Child – Grand Social, Feb 1
Fred Deakin – Sugar Club, Feb 1
J Rocc – Sugar Club (late), feb 1
808 State – Button Factory, Feb 1
Carvin Jones – Workmans Club, Feb 1
Elkae – Whelans, Feb 1

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