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  1. Duncan Reid – They’ve Got It All
  2. Algiers – Void
  3. Glimmermen – Breakin’ Out
  4. The Fall – The Man Who’s Head Expanded
  5. Deutsche Ashram – Ocean Is You
  6. The Outcasts – Stay Young
  7. Thee Outcasts – H!88
  8. Snuff – Now You Don’t Remember / No-one home
  9. Jodie Faster – 50 seconds of Disgust
  10. Jodie Faster – 40 Seconds of social Justice
  11. Amyl and the Sniffers – I’m Not A loser
  12. Andy Higgins – Streets of Blackpool
  13. Luvdump – Live Today
  14. Ezra Furman – Teddy I’m Ready
  15. Cold Leather – Lost
  16. Onsind – Kim Kelly is my cognitive behaviourial therpaist
  17. six organs of admittance – Haunted and known
  18. Matildas Scoundrels – War on Drugs
  19. Fifteen – Petroleum Distillation

The Lowdown

First song tonight is from Duncan Reid who is bringing his big heads over to Ireland in March.

Algiers are coming to Dublin in February. Their sound flies all around with bits of gospel, post punk and goth all wrapped in hip hop and rock. It’s an eclectic mix that will make for a very interesting live spectacle.

Glimmermen‘s new album came out just before Christmas. They are reminding us all again this week with a gig in Dublin. Tonight’s song is Don’t Look Down from their Breaking Out’ debut album

The Fall released some amount of records. Mark E.Smith was one of the most prolific songwriters from Manchester. He passed away this week 2 years ago and his skills are aorely missed

Deutsche Ashram are touring the uk at the moment but unfortunately aren’t making the trip across the sea to Ireland, maybenext time? In the meantime we will have to make do with Ocean Is You from the Deeper and Deeper lp

Belfast and its environs was a perfect geographical location for punk rock in the 70’s. Punk rose from grey streets as kids saw little or no future and turned to speak and sing for themselves. Northern Ireland, with its soldiers on the streets and paramilitaries in the shadows was the perfect canvass. In between riots and petrol bombs bands lived a life of fear and music was their release. The Outcasts were one such band. Their sound was not as bitter as Stiff Little Fingers but more the pop new wave tunes, like many bands linked to Good Vibrations there was a tune in there. The band have been playing sporadically over the past 10 years and have a stable line-up to accompany the 2 Cowan Brothers who have been there right from the start. They’ve a new record out, wishing we could all Stay Young. If only eh?

I know very little about Thee Outcasts other than that they are very much anti-fascist and they are from Canada. That’s good enough isn’t it?

I hear Snuff are back and ready to play some songs again. No line up will be as good that original in the late 80’s – this is from their Peel Session in 1989. Some band. Their gigs were amazing

Jodie Faster are from France – fast powerful and direct

Amyl and the sniffers from Australia are receiving a lot of attention in some circles that I read. Live they are pretty good – this is from their Big Attraction lp

Andy Higgins is a Blackpool through and through. He loves his home town, and is always ready to let people know about it.

Luvdump are from Norwich. They are playing Manchetser Punk festial this year, a festival I am visiting for the first time so am pretty excited about seeing these and many more

Ezra Furman is an interesting choice. I mix him up all the time but he has produced a lot of good powerful rocky songs with a carefree attitude I like

Cold Leather are a punk band from Germany that I like listening to

I love listening to Onsind, that singing in your own accent is one that gets me all the time. Never let the Bastards Grind you down they say and I figure I should have finished the show with that line.

Six Organs of Admittance take us on a nice haunted journey while we think of never letting thiose bastards grind us down

Matildas Scoundrels are a rioutous mix of folk, punk and politics

Fifteen are a mix of punk and politics with a song about our earths resources. As the world burns and the clock slips to 100 seconds to midnight. Maybe we are getting closer to the end but keep the punk flag flying and never let the bastards grind you’re down

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