This weeks tunes come courtesy of the manic d.i.y. troubadour that is jinx Lennon. Jinx is a man on a mission to question and entertain and his gigs certainly do that. There’s an edginess and eccentricity to his sound that captivates, his new album is out in April ‘BORDER SCHIZO FFFOLK SONGS FOR THE FUC**D’ and a tour of the same name will follow but for now he is playing in the Soundhouse on Saturday and in advance of that he has picked 5 songs for you today.

Velvet UndergroundSister Ray

This is great and the album it comes from is great and it just pisses over The Beatles. Lou Reed was a nasty bastard and i miss him and his acolytes Mark E and Alan Vega. Also in the running The Eyes-You’re too much which it is.

Shiela B Devotion – Spacer .

Sheila sounds like a disco Nico .The words are hilarious and the music is sublime the Chic Organisations best moment .Every time i hear it i’m there and the video is amazing.

Captain Moonlight – Economics of a wasted life

From the brilliant Agroculture pt 2 album .This came on the car stereo when we were hitting the Limerick tunnel a few years back, perfect subterranean tunnel music .Ireland needs more Captain Moonlight .

Junior Brother-I told you i would leave you

There’s a lot of soul in the debut album. The music is what John Spillane hinted at but never realised an eclectic Irish folk music that goes way beyond that again .

Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

Brilliance from Cork. I was privileged to play with them and see their great live shows. SS800 opened up the Irish music scene for me .

Jinx is playing the Soundhouse with the Deadlians this Friday. New album out in April

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