Hope Show 130 – listen here

  1. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Survival Song
  2. The objectorz – Move
  3. Stay Clean Jolene – Miles Apart
  4. Medications – Magazines for entertainment
  5. Operation Ivy – Sound System
  6. Pog – Class War
  7. Suss C*nts – Newby
  8. Dealing With Damage – No Money In Peace
  9. Dealing With Damage – Some Colours Never Fade
  10. Youth Avoiders – Face Up To It
  11. ACxDC – Turtle Power
  12. SHarks Teeth – Broken Trust In Satan
  13. Mike Patton and Jean Claude Vannier – Chanson D’Amour
  14. Great Collapse – One Year
  15. Mean Ceaser – South London Summer
  16. Toys That Kill – I Can Hear It Stop
  17. Lemuria – Brilliant Dancer
  18. Vanilla Pod – Disgracer
  19. Goodbye Blue Monday – Misery-Punk Ruined My Life
  20. A Lazarus Soul – On the late Shift with the Skeleton Crew

Starting off tonight the cow folk punk sound of Andrew Jackson Jihad and Survival Song

the objectorz are from Dublin and still play the odd gig around town – Time eans they aren’t as prolific as those people in bands with no kids but they sure know how to rock out

Stay Clean Jolenes album slipped through the radar which was a real shame. The band are no more but that record stands out as a classic in the 21st Century

Dischord Records is such a good record label. Every release is a cracker and I still play this medications album, originally released 15 years ago.

That Operation Ivy sound is still as fresh to me as when I heard it first in the early 90’s, hopefully it has you bouncing around the room as much as me

POG, from Brighton have roots in the anarcho punk scene but it’s more English Folk in the vein of Blyth Power – there’s a lovely irony in this song that reminds me of me growing up. When I played in bands in the 80’s that struggled to get money to pay for guitar strings I always found it amusing that those calling for a dismantling of the system coukld well afford for that system to be dismantled as their parents could buy their guitar strings..

This is the second time in a few weeks I’ve played a band with the word C8nt in their title. It’s a word I’m still not comfortable in reclaiming. Doesn’t mean i can’t play a band just because of their name (there are bands I would draw the line on, but not a band empowering women to play music)

I was so happy to get the new Dealing With Damage record during the week. A band with a history of playing good music and being involved in a thriving d.i.y. scene in the UK. Music may not be their career opportunity but they are happy to keep going as long as a couple of people are – I, for one, am.

Youth Avoiders are from France. Good powerful hardcore, a bit more melodic than than their fellow countrymen Jodie Faster who I played last week

ACxDC power their way through everythnig, fast and noisy, very noisy

Sharks Teeth calm it down a bit – on the brilliant community records label. It’s a lovely listen

I’m keeping my garde Avant with Mike Patton from his split record with Jean Claude Vannier. Mike was the singer in Faith No More of which this is nothing like.

Great Collapse have people from Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. This is an acoustic version of One year – that’s probably how long the band lasted before the members went back to their separate projects

Mean Ceaser, from London pack a good power punk pop sound

I saw Toys That Kill play last year. it was with the might Iron Chic so was a bit hard to be objective but they were excellent live – love the records too

I saw Lemuria play their lovely nice pop tunes in Whelans a couple of years ago. I miss them, they were great but just don’t mix them up with the death meatal band from Belgium

Vanilla Pod have that US hardcore tight sound perfected, even if they were from Norwich.

I have to try and get a soung each week with the word punk in the title, Goodbye Blue Monday want us all to sing along to scream about Misery Punk. Sounds like a laugh anyway

A Lazarus Soul are getting so many deserved plaudits lately. This is from their first release and songs that deal with the reality of every day living and trying to survive week to week

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