It’s all about Vomit this week and no not the Corona Virus. 42 years after this UK punk band started playing they released their punk rock past and present album. The band are playing their first gigs in Ireland this weekend. They are playing in the Thomas House Dublin on friday 13th with the nilz and spazz attack In advance of the gig I asked their singer Lee Campbell to pick out this weeks Thursday Tunes. He went with all Vomit songs

Punk Rock Family by Vomit It’s about our brilliant scene and becoming one big family

Bound For Glory by Vomit about coming out of the forces and can’t get a job

New World Disorder by Vomit about venues closing down, nobody wants that to happen

Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are by Vomit about enjoying music what ever age

Shut Your Mouth by Vomit about going out and having a great time, but your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend telling you to shut up on the way home

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