Hope Show 134 is available here

The Playlist

  1. Iron Chic – Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Cosmic Future
  2. Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Safe
  3. Virginity – History Worth Repeating
  4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty
  5. The Fur Coats – I Pretend That I Know What I’m Doing
  6. Menstrual Cramps – No Means No
  7. Antidoto – Amigo
  8. The Baby Seals – It’s Not About the Money Honey
  9. The Utopia Strong – Do You Believe in Two Gods
  10. Earth – Exaltation of Larks
  11. TV Smith – Televisions Over
  12. Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive
  13. The Clash – Stay Free
  14. Odd Robot – I Am A Cortisol Factory
  15. Ruefrex – Capital Letters
  16. Bear Trade – Nice To Be Nice
  17. Idles – Love Song

Hope Show 134 – the lowdown

Wow, How do you write notes about something as trivial as a radio show while people are staying at home and not mixing with others for fear of spreading an infectious virus that has the potential to cause serious damage to someone we love. I’ve been in the middle of a lot of it this week with work as stats and projections fly. What we need to do is take care of each other and bizarre as it sounds keep washing your hands.

In the meantime we have more time at home to connect with our family (that’s if we have somewhere we can call home and if we have people in the house with us). We will have time to read, to talk and see what type of future we want. IN the meantime here’s some tunes. No explanations this week – just some good music.

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