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Hope Show 144 – the Playlist

  1. Petrol Girls – Big Mouth
  2. Proletariat – Move
  3. Proletariat – Scab
  4. Proletariat – Wealth of Nations
  5. Proletariat – The Murder of Alton Sterling
  6. Proletariat – Reach Exceeding Grasp
  7. Proletariat – Bomb Throwing Practice
  8. Proletariat – Indian Removal Act
  9. Proletariat – Trophy Kill

Hope Show 144 – the Lowdown

Tonight’s show is an interview with the lead singer of Boston hardcore band the Proletariat. We get to cover the early Boston scene when Richard starting going to gigs and playing music. We talk about the Clash and then US politics. Richard has plenty to say about leadership, unions, corona virus and the current Black Lives Matter protests. one of tonight’s songs is the Ballad of Alton Sterling which was on the Move album, written about the murder of a young black man in the States. We talk about that and how things haven’t changed much since.

All tracks are from the recent album Move – out now on Boss Tuneage

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