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Hope Show 143 – The Playlist

  1. Menstrual tramps – Punk Rock Nation
  2. The Soviettes – Twin Cities Sound
  3. Sleaford Mods – Second
  4. Beefeater – Just Things
  5. Bad Brains – Banned in DC
  6. Murder Capital – Cellophane
  7. Mean Girls – Is It Just Me or Am I a Worthless Asshole
  8. Propagandhi – Rock for Sustainable Capitalism
  9. Steve Ignorant – Diffrability
  10. Antsy Pants/Kimya Dawson – Tree Hugger
  11. Boy Scouts – Nike
  12. Hagar The Womb – Dressed to Kill
  13. Gutfull – That’s What He Said
  14. GirlsNails – Dominohno
  15. G.L.O.S.S. – Out from the Dark
  16. Dark THoughts – Skin Like Paper
  17. Bis – Sense Not Sense
  18. Mourning – These Hands Are Up
  19. Soulside – Punch The Geek

Hope Show 143 – The Lowdown

First 2 songs tonight are from bands from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. Is it burning now? Who knows but after the events of recent times it is heartening to see people on the streets trying to find a voice. All change comes from the bottom up and people are screaming for change. I’m sure people from Menstrual Tramps and The Soviettes were looking on with great interest as the week unfolded on the street of Minneapolis

It seems trite talking about new records in these times but Sleaford Mods have one out now called All That Glue, this is from it. A record which is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

Another couple from a City that has had its heart broken and beating. I’ve been glued to US news this past week, waiting to see what will happen with protests, curfews, photo opportunities amidst the unwinding of lockdown during a pandemic. Beefeater and Bad Brains would have been looking on as the street opposite the Whitehouse was painted with a huge Black Lives Matter slogan. It needs more that just token slogans but maybe, just maybe we are at that point.

The Murder Capital have a new EP live at the BBC. THis Dublin punk band are attracting a lot of interest at the moment, as a strange focus comes on the city.

I picked up a compilation Punks Against Sweatshops during the week, great to see the message of punk still shines through. A great line up including Steve Ignorant and Propagandhi

The Juno soundtrack is one I go back to time and time again. It’s a film I watch annually, I love it. This songs is a celebration of it. Life can be simple if we don’t complicate it with hate and prejudice

Boy Scouts released a record in 2017 called Hobby Limits. I only got around to picking it up this week. Pretty cool sounding tunes from Oakland – I will have to check out the new album out now on Anti

Hagar The Womb brought out this compilation a couple of years ago. I had been looking forward to seeing them on my annual trip to Rebellion, which has now been postponed. Hopefully they will be back next year, I love singing along to this one

I got a pretty cool compilation called Heresy recently featuring a community of irreverant women who write, speak, draw, create, sing, play and do whatever they want. Check it out

Another compilation worth checking out is the fishbowl sessions on CiTR records from Vancouver. Girls Nails bring their post punk pop to it.

G.L.O.S.S. shake things up a bit. They were short lived but blew a lot of minds in that short timeframe.

I’ve played Dark Thoughts a fair bit on this show. And I will continue to do so as the weeks go .

The BIS gig in Dublin with Bikini Kill and Team Dresch is one that really stands out in memory. A staurday afternoon packed out Charlies Bar with bands making a statement by their very existenece. I didn’t realise it at the time “sure aren’t we all people”. Eh yes but NO some need to have their story heard above others.

Mourning[a]BlkStar brought put 2 songs this week These Hands Are Up and BlkWater. for the week that’s in it they are a benefit for Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality. Imagine, an organisation like that needs to exist?

Finishing with Soulside in dedication to the stand DC is taking and the picture from tonight”s show is where Soulside singer Bobby Sullivan works.

Stay Safe and positive xx

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