This weeks tunes come courtesy of the Lovely Eggs. The band were due over to Dublin at the start of May for their first visit but lockdown beat them to it. Their new album “I Am Moron” is out now and according to “is the perfect blend of psychedelic rock with down and dirty punk, slipping between the two with mastered ease”

  1. Flaming Lips -Race for the Prize – This is the opening track off one of our favourite albums “The Soft Bulletin”. The production on it is just amazing and the main reason behind why we got the crazy idea in our head to contact producer Dave Fridmann to see if he would work with us.
  • 2. Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath – We always try and get our guitar sound as heavy as Black Sabbath. Like that’s the benchmark.Their sound is a big inspiration to us. When we’re asked what we “sound” like we always say it’s like listening to Black Sabbath while reading a Richard Brautigan novel.
  • 3. Alice Coltrane- Journey in Satchidananda – This is a beautiful mellow track. Always gets banged on the stereo the moment we get back from tour. It’s a good leveller

  • 4. Neu!- Hallo Gallo Again a big influence on us. What can we say, we love repetition, we love repetition, we love repetition.
  • 5. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- A Child of a Few Hours is Burning To Death – This is one of our all time classics. What great lyrics! What an amazing band!

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