The three dimensions of freedom

Billy Bragg


This book came out last year and has far greater relevance now as we will emerge from the covid blanket we have tried to cover humanity with this year. 

The three dimensions of freedom, liberty, equality and accountability were framed in the context of the rhetoric of the last century where truth wasn’t always seen as the most important thing. 

This is a 100 page booklet and shows Bragg to be more than just the Baird from Barking. It nods towards human rights, includes a brief history of what freedom means and alludes to an equal world. 

It’s an easy read but really one that takes on a huge importance. Have we a chance now to reshape our world? Can we take what’s been happening in 2020 and see if the events leading up to the corona virus need to be reviewed. What can we learn about society and each other? What can we do to help shape this world? Billy has some good ideas so put on one of his records and read this. We can do it


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