Fake Names
Fake names

So if you were to see a compilation album featuring Bad Religion, Girls Against Boys, Refused, SOA, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Soulside, Embrace and International Noise Conspiracy among others would you be tempted? I know I would.

Well Fake Names are an amalgam of all these. A punk rock super-group with a history of hardcore bands we can only dream about. 10 songs on here, not quite matching the aforementioned bands but all slabs of solid songs. There’s touches of emo, rock, power pop, hardcore and punk. All strong song structures.

Sure these men could write a classic in their sleep, and no doubt have already done so.

I have pored over the former bands records for years. Putting the vinyl on the deck and reading the lyrics or thanks list. Trying to glean some information, capture some inspiration. Whether that was embracing my innner feelings while listening to One Last Wish or researching international socialism to the soundtrack of Refused or just being ready to do things for myself with the diy ethic of Dischord records.

I readied myself when getting this home but I guess the music speaks for itslef nowadays. No lyric sheet, no real information but a rocking album. Not a bad tune over the 27 minutes


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