You know when something is at the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite get it? Do you give up or do you let it torture you for hours? maybe you leave it and know that subconsciously it is going to fester under the surface and the answer will explode when you’re least expecting it?

I go for the latter. It rolls up and down my tongue, sometimes never makes it back over the tip but invariably it does. Eventually.

Well that’s the way I am with unionares. I feel like I’ve heard this indie math rock sound somewhere before. I’ve been going through my record collection trying to figure it out.

This is a project with people from different countries uniting together and forming a band. Scotland and netherlands are united here. “Borders are not meant for humans”, they proclaim. However this year of all years borders have been solid in trying to be a damn in the flow of Corona Virus. Unionares haven’e been able to get together in the ssame room this year but have managed to piece together this release.

The songs flow and rhythms reach out right throughout the record. Close your eyes, sway and remember all those gigs where you cold stand close to someone

Got it – Promise Ring, or maybe Trusty

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