Paranoid Visions
Bollocks to XMas

What an apt year to have a record of this title. AS the sea of Coronoa Virus cases turns into a wave that we surf on complete with masks hoping to avoid being carriers so that we can protect our loved ones – Paranoid Visions have re-released their original Bollocks to Xmas tape. This time on vinyl.

I did manage to get into some shops before Christmas and vinyl certainly is making a comeback. This is one of those records well worth having in your collection, not necessairly for the irreverent Christmas tracklist, but for the vinyl, the classic Boz artwork. IN other words the whole package.

I’m a sucker for Christmas, it’s a time when people can take their foot off the conveyor belt of everyday life and reflect on family. It’s also a time of mass consumerism as we jostle to spend what we may not have. Then there are those who can’t, we pass on some donation in the generosity of the time but when the day arrives the problems are still there. Overall though I love that we are ready to think of others more easily around Christmastime.

I think deep down Paranoid Visions probably do too and this is their way of selflessly proclaiming it. Bah humug and all that but eventually scrooge is even won around.

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