Music For Nations

Norwegian noise drone chanters Wardruna have a new record out this week. Since creating such soundscapes with Wardruna, main songwriter Einar Selvik has been very protective of his music, similar to many punk rock acts.. “I don’t compromise my art. No one on the outside has any say. That is something I would never give away, even an inch.” is hard to see how such sounds can be compromised” However the music Wardruna make might be punk in attitude but certainly not in waht you would expect from sound.

The songs are woven like a tapestry of sound. The band use chanting as an instrument, and the overall feeling throughout the 67 minutes is is a hairy atmospheric eeriness.

Using instruments of old like Goat horn and tagalharpa alongside Flute with a strong repetitive Percussion beat this is like an ocean journey through cliffs and norwegian fjords. It’s fascinating if you can listen to it from start to finish. It’s almost a celebration of nature with the sound resembling the attacks nature is facing and the wonders its does to try and beat it away.

New record available here


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