Dark Thoughts
Must Be Nice
Drunken Sailor Records

How come this wasn’t on everyone’s best of end of year lists for last year? Well because it was released in December 2019 and so missed that one too. I saw them a couple of years ago and was blown away by their Ramones like sound. I’m lucky, I saw the Ramones live. It was Dublin 1985 and the TV Club was at its loudest. Short, snappy, brash and loud. Dark Thoughts are all this and more.

The songs are short and snappy alright and feel like a breath of fresh air. The lyrics are somewaht darker and while the sound may be snappy their vocailst, Jim Shomo, deal wit the same worries and frustrations that we all do. It doesn’t bring the freshness down sonically but it makes me want to reach out and ask is all ok?

This is a album played at 45 rpm and each song is a belter. Get it on

Dark Thoughts live at Love Jail – punk rock at its best

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