Listen here to Hope Show 158/Gabfest 9 – Punk Rock 1982 in words and music

So for tonight’s Hope Show/Gabfest we chat punk rock 1982. Be it the amazing hardcore compilations that were starting to appear Stateside in the form of Not So Quiet on the Western Front with 47 bands or ‘This is Boston Not LA’ with 6 bands or Flex Your Head with 32 songs. Or the interesting music from Iceland by Purkkur Pillnik or Australia from The Birthday Party. Or the tuneful punk of the Neurotics or Stiff Little Fingers. 1982 sees UK82 really kicking off with GBH and the street punk of the Blitz. While bands like the subhumans were continuing with the tradition of DIY records and starting their own labels producing 7″ records that were like education pamphlets

Gabfest is a series of show from Hope Collective discussing Punk Rock and its directions on a yearly basis.

  1. Black Flag: TV Party
  2. Crucifix – Annihilation
  3. Theatre of Hate – Do you believe in the westworld
  4. Subhumans – Reason for Existence,
  5. Stiff Little Fingers – Bits of Kids
  6. Neurotics – Kick Out The Tories
  7. Birthday Party – Dead Joe
  8. GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats
  9. Purrkur Pillnikk – googooplex
  10. Blitz – Voice of a generation

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