THE SHEND has put together a book of lyrics and anecdotes from his illustrious and interesting time in music and will see it’s release on June 18.
There is a PRESALE LIMITED FIRST PRINT EDITION now available to order from Advance records
”All my songs and a load of other stuff” states The Shend on the cover of his new book ‘Rub Me Out’, and that sums it up fairly succinctly. Featuring songs from The Cravats, The Very Things, The Baby Men, Grimetime and Anzahlung. The other stuff? Copious jocular anecdotes, information and observations, 100+ photos and contributions from esteemed chums including Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, John Robb, Penny Rimbaud, Mick Mercer, Paul Hartnoll, Stewart Lee and Steve Ignorant amongst others. 250 numbered copies.276 pages.

Suave signed bookmark.Tops!£14.99 / €17.50 + P&P


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