Australian 2 piece Chimers have just released their debut self-titled album. As a former bass player I much prefer the idea of a band having a bassist in there to develop the rhythm alongside the drums but Chimers capture a post punk almost Goth sound at times with their dual guitar and drum sound.

There’s a dozen tracks on offer here and on first listen they sound for the most part like Mission of Burma or the Wipers playing Cult songs. Things take a slight turn when “Got time” sees Chimers take on a trip to the Garage with a nice beat. Then when you are sucked in on repeat listens you hear the soaring rhythms of Husker du or the infectious drone of Lungfish popping up. It’s a nod to guitar led post hardcore and I like it.

Overall a great find, the fact that one of the members used to play in Kilkenny punk band Cheapskate is a real bonus for me but the sound is 30 years away from that band. Track it down and chase it out


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