It’s just like meeting Picasso
FOAD / Louder Than War

What a collaboration this is. Dublin Punk icon Stano alongside Dublin Punk Legends Paranoid Visions and UK Anarcho Punk glitterati The Shend, from the Cravats and Steve Ignorant former lead vocalist with Crass.

Packaged like an exploding eyeball with splattered coloured vinyl this is a work of art both on and off the vinyl.

Stano has always been experimenting with sounds even in his early days with The Threat. His synth tip toes along at times as sounds are taken and manipulated along with PA’s guitar and vocals. Samples are in here a plenty but not for dancing, in true punk fashion this is always challenging.

And then there’s the voices spitting out. Shend provides spoken word in a voice almost wondering what he is doing there. His voice provides an eccentric poetic lull that fits in perfectly with the sounds on offer.
Finishing it all off with a diatribe of things he doesn’t want and with a Project like this it is apt to have the line “I Don’t Want to get old”.

Steve Ignorant tells a Punch and Judy story while guitars and samples fly rhytmically along in the background.

For me Deko’s pieces are the strongest on the record. He politicises things in a positive way as he speaks of conspiracy theories out of Father Ted. The try-colours are coming is a reflection on the rise of people talking like they speak for Ireland when their hatred and bile is just that. Not a reflection on heroes gone but a stain on current history. I have often spoken about the warped realities of people who believe their misfortune lies in the fault of someone less fortunate but how do we engage? Deko certainly feels we don’t need to. FOAD indeed.

An essential artefact


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