At some stage this will be a reflection on the journey of the past 7 days without some paranoid thoughts about a virus I knew nothing of 2 years ago.

At some stage.

But for now it’s existence is at the forefront of most peoples minds as we tiptoe back into what was the familiarity of social events.

With our friends.

Normal keeps being bandied about as if it is the panacea for all our ills but as I stood in vicar street waiting for Billy Bragg to come on stage this was nothing like normal. My normal has a mask, being part of a community who cares for others and is looking to change the world not go back to it. Billy does remind us of all that. He talks the walk that he walks as is usual for the bard of barking he spends as much time trying to win over our minds as he does our hearts when he sings. I closed my eyes and I was back in the TV Club singing along to milkman of human kindness.

Back in those days I did a fanzine and Billy was always available for interview and a chat. Tonight is different, he can’t talk to his audience bar from the stage but let us know he will be back. For more. For longer.

Work was pretty busy and I’m sure you’re not too worried about all that as you have you’re own trials and tribulations. I did have a respites at the weekend as the team I help train played a semi-final. Sport is a funny yet wonderful thing. Team work is about respect, honesty and work rate. Trying not to let your comrades down as you work towards a common goal. A bit like life. Unfortunately like life under capital there are winners and losers – today we were lucky to escape with victory but, and I won’t lie, it felt good.

It felt very good

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