So this blog existed initially to showcase the gigs that Hope Collective put on. It then branched out to be a fanzine/freesheet for the 21st Century. With that in mind we review things we like and promote independent musicians. The concept of Do It Yourself shines through in most of what we promote. People taking over the means of production and not not waiting for others to do things for them.

That has been difficult for many of us over the past 2 years. We try and stay positive, try and imagine a world to wish for. But when you’re daily go to is what are the numbers of people in hospital or Intensive Care it is difficult to imagine.

If you are finding it tough, that’s ok. You are not alone. If you can’t muster the enthusiasm for that book, that song or that piece of food, that’s ok. You are not alone. If you wake up thinking it’s Groundhog Day or that feeling of deja vu where nothing seems to be progressing, that’s ok. You are not alone. Please keep trying to battle through. You will get there. We will get there.

In the meantime, let’s try and look after each other, support the businesses you want to see in business and keep on reaching. It won’t always be like this

Take care and Seasons Greetings


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