Great Leap Forward
Revolt Against An Age of Plenty


Remember excitement? That feeling of longing and anticipation as you waited for Something to happen that you knew was going to be worth the wait?

I have that feeling on a daily basis since getting this records. This whole record is a celebration of change. It is a reflection of Britain today. The message throughout is strong but the beat never drops. Since alan brown was I. The amazing Big Flame in the 80’s he has mixed Funk and pop with a punk irreverence. This
Is for the dance floor alright but on the way down (as you put your mask on) don’t forget there is a world to change.

It starts with an ode to the bands and songs that have driven Brown through his life. He recognises that music is a catalyst for change and celebration. “Smiling through adversity works” he proclaims and there is little about any of these that will stop you from smiling.

It’s not all sweetness and light through the words. There is a strong message throughout about lies being fed to a populace to mask reality. Lies are working for many as our political systems slightly crumble while the mega rich become the friends of the poor.

As I trudge along during the day wondering about covid numbers I get a feeling of excitement knowing I’m coming home to listen to this. It has brought genuine joy into my life in recent times. Hop on the dance floor, enjoy and remember that world still needs changing.

“Get out and make a little difference to this world
Selfishness, arrogance, corrupting our communities
It’s not impossible for us to make a change
Want to spend my days feeling good about myself
Give back cos giving back us good for you”

Giving Back Is Good For You


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