The world keeps turning Jan 2022

I finally got to watch I, Daniel Blake this week. What a classic film i cried my way through so much of it. 2022 has been a strange opening for me. Christmas promised much but gave little as the signs of flowers blooming were apparent. Most things are causing me consternation, it has been a struggle. But I look around and see others struggle. I see foodbanks, homeless shelters and then hear talk of tax revenues increasing. It’s a world that doesn’t make sense and I’m in floods at times. 

When I was a teenager I often walked home From town. After dark this was scary. I could have changed my route but didn’t. Imagine going for a jog in daylight and being in fear. I can only try and imagine such a scenario as I’m not faced with it. Too many women are, they are in fear and many have been articulating it this week. What an awful tragedy in Tullamore. A jogger murdered. In daylight. I stood in solidarity but completely understand when people say it’s easy for me to do so. I don’t need to worry about it but I do. I need to support those who say they need our support. I need not to be involved in flippant comments and to ensure safety for all. Some more women found their voice last week and that one positive from the horrific tragedy. Let’s support that voice. 

It’s been one of those weeks where I barely got going, I’m sure it’s a new year thing. I read a book I have little memory of, I’m reading the newspaper every day and so little stays in. I’m conversing at home and trying to keep up but it’s hard. At times it’s just hard. And that’s ok. 

The week culminated in a trip to Beaumont hospital. My mam was taken by ambulance up there. What an amazing health service we have. I’ve had reason to complain at times but this week the fire brigade and health service looked after my mam as if it was one of their own. My mam insisted on getting everyone’s names, and then relating them to someone or a song that she knows. So Laura, Amy, Lucy, Chris, David and Darren thanks to you all. So proud of them all 

Sure it’s  nearing the end of isolation that we have been through but as crowds come back to the couple of games I’ve been to and talk of sectors opening up again can we try and not return to what was before. Let’s make this a better place for all. 

We are all citizens, nothing more, nothing less but let’s make this a society that values all its citizens and cherishes them all equally. 

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