The prodigal Rogerson
The tragic, hilarious and possibly Apocryphal story of circle jerks bassist Roger Rogerson in the golden age of LA Punk 1979 – 1996
J Hunter Bennet
microcosm books

The author is bassist in DC post punk band DOT DASH. His reason for picking up a bass is Roger Rogerson. And in true punk rock fashion he then gets to write a book about him. Well not quite a book, more like a dummies guide to Roger Rogerson. 94 pages long this is like one of those early circle jerks song. Straight to the point and no hanging around.

The style is one of interviews where friends, lovers and acquaintances talk of Rogers life and decadent lifestyle. Like with many drug addicts there’s confusion, different sides to the same story and some contradiction.

A perfect concise piece of punk rock history.


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