James Domestic
Carrion Repeating
Kibou Records/TNS Records

Take a Drum machine, and programme some beats. Get your guitar out and play an odd chord. Pick out a synth and play some noise. That all becomes a post punk acerbic mix which is the base for Carrion Repeating.

Pick bits of Ian Dury, dabble a toe in park life era blur and the Sleaford Mods to sing/rant about the humdrums of daily life over this backdrop.

Do that and you will come up with James Domestic’s new record. The man is leads the factory floor in the conveyor belts of music. He keeps putting things out, whether solo or in punk bands with such a noise your ears are reeling. This time round it’s a very English record. Not the kingpins of Little England but a reflection of a confused world. Domestic’s biting sardonic lyrics right throughout are more spoken than sung as he rants through gritted teeth with a sense of irony, anger and sarcasm.

With little riffs going on in the background James tells it how it is. Yeah, things are tough. Life can be hard and this displayed that reality. It’s a perfect Monday morning record, headphones on as you start another week ready to change all your wrongs but in reality it’s a trip to work, some trips to the shop and a wish that you will change that world tomorrow.

Love it – reality bites for the 21st Century.


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