Play of the day is the mutts nuts

This is the sound of pissed off workers clocking in for day jobs they don't want to get up for. A sound for people that wonder about the mindless alcohol fuelled violence of weekend binges while understanding why people seek escape.

Play of the Day – the worms

The WormsBack To The BogHidden Bay Records A 10 track aural assault here. The worms could be blasting from your garage or punking it out from the 100 Club. They are short and acerbic cuts. I was sitting down nicely at home reading the morning newspaper about decaying democracy in Belarus, Hungary, Poland. Beside it … Continue reading Play of the Day – the worms

Play of the Day – The Charlemagnes

The Charlemagnes Three Chords and a Half​-​Truth Raritan Records Half a century ago, in the meat packing district of South Brunswick, New Jersey the Charlemagnes hung out in the garages of new Jersey and wrote some songs. They played out the outskirts of that scene for a while, moved to South Bronx, recorded some songs … Continue reading Play of the Day – The Charlemagnes

Halloween Songs from Dark Thoughts

When I wrote about the Dark thoughts gig in the Cowley club earlier this year it was my introduction to their lo-fi tuneful ramones sound at breakneck speed. I picked up their self titled lp and it has been a regular feature since. With vocals hiding at the back of their sound it seems like … Continue reading Halloween Songs from Dark Thoughts

Dune Rats s/t

Dune Rats Dune Rats Ratbag Records I always wonder about the term 'dumb'band. It seems to be a description doing the rounds for Brisbanes Dune Rats. I'm not sure what quantifies as dumb but to me this is a clever bunch of surfers. Sorry, I've no idea whether they surf or not it's just the … Continue reading Dune Rats s/t