Running with the daylight
The workday release
Enci Records

With all that sun shining instead of worrying about the effects the changing climate is having our planet and just before we burn to death, take a breath and listen to this joyous pop tune from the workday release.

You would be well within your rights to ask who the workday release are? It is the brainchild of Daniel Ottestad and it is a vehicle for his pop breeze. This is a person who want to live next door to. You could make him breakfast and a coffee and his infectious music would fill the street with joy.

Ottestad says, “I wrote “Running with the Daylight” after writing a dozen heavily depressing songs. It can feel good to vent and be angry, but I think sooner or later you come to the end of that and realize life won’t change unless you do. I wanted to write a song that was all about picking yourself up and choosing to be optimistic. I hope it’s something others can find positivity and encouragement in too.”


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