The Puncturists
The Punk Tourists
Dead Swan Records

7 punk rock tunes in here to get you pogoing as you dismay at the state of the world today. These are songs from the streets telling what the band think is the real story of the UK. This is the sound of some streets, although when it comes to election time there seems to be a different story on many of those streets. It’s tuneful punk rock weighing in a bit long to be an EP but too short to be an LP. Mini lp in old money if you like.

That old money would hark back to countries trying to build empires as they now look back and wish they had them once more. The decisions around this has effect on a more globale world but this it matter?

Jackanory Johnson is a punk ditty aimed at a person in power who seems to tell lie after lie and remain unaccountable. His time has finally come but does it make a difference.

Let’s get wankered at the weekend is a tale of drink and memories dimmed. A story of those people trying to forget their 5 day working week as they spend the following two days drifting into oblivion.

It’s nice that after 45 years or even more of punk rock records that their can be firsts. I don’t recollect a song about a Swan making a punk album before and I didn’t know A swan Can Break Your Arm. Puncturists seem to think this as the truth and they have based some chords around that.

The start of So Very Bored reminds me of Dead Cities by the Exploited but it veers more towards Stooges era punk.

The record finishes just as it start, those people elected into power are ready to tell mistruths to cling on to that vestige. I’m sure at soome stage they were planning on being the difference and making the change but along the way that idealism got lost.

Despondency is a recurring theme in the record. (former) youth living in cities they don’t wanna live in, working jobs they don’t want under a regime they don’t like. The perfect recipe for straight forward mid tempo punk rock.


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