Blood robots
Blood Robots
Thought Crime records

Blood robots were a four piece band from the north east of England. They were going from 1982 – 1984 after punk rock had exploded and was going into its third wave. Post punk had come after the first wave where bands used the idea of getting up and doing it themselves but concentrated on the rhythm and the isolation. It then evolved into different styles like veins in your arms heading in different directions.

Anarcho punk was one such direction. Punks were seeing a way of life they thought was appealing. A path they were encouraging others to go down. They viewed music as an education and being in a band was a lifestyle. It was more than music. It was living what you sang about. Blood robots were one such band. They got involved in politics, they set up music collectives, they used music as a vehicle to help others and raise awareness of what they felt was wrong. Active in every sense.

Their music was almost secondary. It was basic, it was rhythmic and their recordings were sparse. Then the band went their separate ways. Some still dreaming and deep down all still wanting a better world.

Nearly 4 decades later those sparse recording material get their chance on vinyl. Perfectly captures and presented. It is an historical artefact and one that brings your right back to that time.


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