And so like all things it comes to an end. Blackpool will go back to trying attract tourists to keep the remaining shops open and the punks all troop back to reality. For a long weekend we reconnected with everyone, we escaped our realities (oh and we queued as well so there was a bit of reality!!)

As I get older I fall deeper into my own body. When travelling I go into overdrive worrying about the next step. Have I got my ticket? my phone? my cash? Will my train be delayed? will I get wherever I’m going on time? I don’t rest easy going home until I’m on the last leg. What was a pleasure when departing home turf  is now the biggest grief giver when trying to get home. It’s unexplainable. I’m on the boat, the worse thing that can happen is I miss it and catch the next one as a foot passenger. Doesn’t matter, can’t be rational about an irrational worry. And then my train gets slightly delayed. 5 minutes, that becomes 10 and the connecting train was departing platform 1 as the doors were open in on my train on platform 2. If only they didn’t have a national timetable to worry about and thought about passengers making connections!!!! So I stare the timetable, wishing time to speed up so I can get the next train and settle into knowing I will reach my destination on time. I know, irrational. 

I’m leaving through social media seeing pictures of all the bands I missed and people I didn’t go up and say hi to. While falling deeper into my own body I’m finding it harder to go up to people on spec and say hi. I’m not being rude it’s just shyness. Kind of strange for someone who writes a blog I know but I guess Covid has put me out of practice. 

As I get ready to step back in to the travelator of life I contemplate the past few days and wonder about the future. Who knows what’s ahead but let’s  keep going

5 lessons from Rebellion

1. Pace yourself – not just physically but sonically. After three days of blistering bands I found it harder on the last day to absorb fuzzed up electric guitars.

2. Don’t keep eating chips just because you can. treat yourself.

3. Support bands by buying direct from them. They love the support they receive and it helps with things like their petrol money!!

4. If you’re complaining about rebellion then you’ve a reason to go somewhere else or put your own one on. Over 200 bands, thousands of people and some weren’t nice. The vast majority are great, like any family there’s the very odd one that is a bit dubious. Embrace the festival and it’s class.

5. Get your accommodation early. Always a big challenge. Hotels in Blackpool wouldn’t necessarily pass as hotels in other towns. That’s ok, get a place that’s clean, try and get it close to Winter Gardens and beware of the noisy seagulls. There’s loads of them, must be the chips!!


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