Hope Show 163 available to listen to here

  1. Amyl and The Sniffers – Got You
  2. Chubby and the gang – I Hate The Radio
  3. Soul Glo – Driponomics
  4. Bob Vylan – We Live Here
  5. Bad Planning – Midwest Classic
  6. Mom Jeans – Scott Pilgrim vs My GPA
  7. Good Grief – Haunt
  8. Moving Targets – Less Than Gravity
  9. Diaz Brothers – The Hardest Goodbye
  10. The Dumpies – Gerd
  11. The Oh Sees – Minotaur
  12. Wonk Unit – Traditional Punk Song
  13. The Catenary Wires – Face on the Rail Line
  14. Extravision – Our City
  15. A Wilhelm Scream – Figure Eights in My Head
  16. Antillectual – Hangin’ on the telephone
  17. The Ex – Soon All Cities
  18. The Last Mile – Skyline

Starting off tonight with Amyl and the sniffers who are coming to Dublin in November. Chubby and the gang played earlier this year and their I hate the radio might be a bit slower than many off the Mutt’s Nuts album but it has that lovely catchy couldn’t get care less sound.

Soul Glo‘s album Diasapora Problems is a record that evokes memories of Bad Brains for me. A glorious noise.

“We didn’t appear out of thin air.

We live here”

Bob Vylan – We live here

I saw the 2 Bobbies who make up Bob Vylan at Rebellion a little while ago and you really can sense this is a duo that is going somewhere. Onwards and upwards for the radical duo making statements about modern day Britain.

Bad Planning turn things around a bit with their tuneful catchy punk rock. I’m loving the Et Fortes singalong record from these Illinois punks.

A bit of a lo-fi turn now with Mom Jeans from Berkeley, sounding like they could be on the Juno soundtrack this is a folky pop punk number.

Good Grief are from Liverpool who let their guitars do the talking.

I saw Moving Targets earlier this year and this is a band that really do let their guitars do the talking. Their return to action about three years ago continues the great work they started in 1981. Hard to believe this song was a single in 1987.

Diaz Brothers played with them on their recent UK tour. Strong energetic and heartfelt hardcore is the order of the day from these.

The Dumpies are full of tuneful breezy garage songs. Catchy as hell.

The Oh Sees on the other hand are a sound to behold. Their live show is incredible, dual drummers and explosive noise. Minotaur doesn’t quite capture it but the Floating Coffin album shows the diverse mix of sound that the band create.

Wonk Unit are not just a band, almost a community amongst themselves they held their annual wonkfest recently as well as 2 sets in Blackpool for Rebellion. Recent visitors to Ireland too.

The Catenary Wires have people who have been playing pop tunes for many years in various guises, coming to my notice initially in Talullah Gosh and then Heavenly who we put on in Dublin in the 90’s.

Extravision are from Dublin, I really wanted to see them with Oh Boland last week but life got in the way. This three piece have been on the go for a few years and always through up interesting moments. Our City is one of those.

A Wilhelm Scream have been blasting our their more rocky version of pop punk since 2003. They have a new record out now. This song is from that record which continues in that heartfelt punk vein.

Antillectual released some covers during lockdown. Like the rest of us they were bored but unlike many they tried to do something constructive and creative with their time. These Dutch punkers are more known for the Propogandhi style sound but this covers the Jack Lee song made famous by Blondie in a style similar to the original.

The Ex have created their own sound and honed it over the years. One of my favourite live bands and not far behind on record. This song details the trajectory of modernisation on the world as capital cities become similar in feel.

Finally tonight is the Last Mile who are touring the UK and Ireland in September. I’m excited about these Canadians hitting Ireland. So much so that I’ve come out of retirement to help them.

Thanks for listening and up the punks!

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