In Concert – The Trail of publicity

So, we have been blown over by peoples support for our book.  As you know it can be bought online and we hope to have it in a few shops soon.  It is hard to get it into shops when the times they are open is being spent holding down a day job.  We will … Continue reading In Concert – The Trail of publicity

Hope Show *80 – the lowdown

Hope Show *80 the lowdown 1. The Bomb - Integrity 2. Stay Clean Jolene - Miles Apart 3. Dauntless Elite - We Are Baamzorft 4. Slow Science - Lifetime Guarantee 5. Castro - One Thing Leads To Another 6. King Champion Sounds - Ghetto of Eden 7. The Middle Ones - Monsters 8. Kevin Seconds … Continue reading Hope Show *80 – the lowdown

Hope Show 77 – the lowdown

Hope Show 77 the lowdown As usual a mix of old, new noise and pop tonight 1. winnebago deal - Maximum Overdrive 2. The offenders - Impact 3. Excel - Split Image 4. Dope Body - Repo Man 5. Perma War - Czlowiek 6. TV Smith - I Delete 7. Martha - Lost Without You … Continue reading Hope Show 77 – the lowdown

Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

the lowdonw on tonights show 1. Ted Leo - Bottled IN Cork 2. football, etc - red zone 3. The Draft - Impossible 4. Shorebirds - Upside Down 5. Wrecks - NOT 6. The Pukes - Will I learn 7. Glimmermen - There Was a Boy 8. Hooligan - No Black, No Irish, No Dogs … Continue reading Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

Hope show 31 - playlist 1. Theatre of Hate - Do you believe in the Westworld 2. Mice - Jess 3. Middle Ones - O.M.C. 4. Allo Darlin - Silver Dollars 5. Fugazi - Break 6. Deathfix - Dali's House 7. The Shorts - Bring Me the head of Bear Gryllis 8. Pilger - dissatisfied … Continue reading Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

Hope show 29 – the lowdown

hopeshowNumber29 1. The MEKONS - Corporal Chalkie 2. Joe Solo - Aint a got a nothin 3. Ramones - Judy Is a Punk 4. Fugazi Place Position 5. Rites Of Spring - Drink Deep 6. Fawn SPots - Spanish Glass 7. Arcwelder - Everest 8. Leftover Crack - Supermarket Song 9. Star Fucking Hipsters - … Continue reading Hope show 29 – the lowdown

Hope Show 28 – the lowdown 1. Deathfix - Playboy 2. Wugazi - Killa Hill 3. Sage Francis - Jah Didn't Kill Johnny 4. A Death In The Family - SOmethings Out of Tune 5. Pilger - Disatisfied 6. Against ME - Slurring the Rhythms 7. Shorebirds - Upside Down 8. Bedford Fall - Whos Coat is that Jacket? 9. … Continue reading Hope Show 28 – the lowdown

Hope show Number 12

A new show has just gone up. I've gone international in ecognition of workers rights around the globe. De Kift from Netherlands complement Against Me, Screeching Weasel, Henry Rollins and Kimya Dawson from the States. UK is represented by Brightons Cat on Form, Cardiff's Four Letter Word, Sunderlands Leatherface, Bristols Discharge, Caernarfons Anhrefn and Barkings … Continue reading Hope show Number 12

Hope show the sixth

I've had an intersting week. I am finally settling ijn to my new house and the dust is getting a bit clearer. This week was union activity week and we were looking at ways our union can reach out to members. It is hard to find actions that say YOU are the union, get involved … Continue reading Hope show the sixth

All radio should be active

It's always bizarre to reminisce about life in the 20th Century. It is so common for us all to now take to the internet in search of any information that is required. Access is at your finger tips should you wish to find out about music, stamps, food, news, sport. Heard there is an uprising … Continue reading All radio should be active