Main gig this week for the punks is Steve Ignorant playing Crass songs in the Grand Social on Friday. What a group of songs they promise to be. Records and gigs that influenced a generation of punks Crass were pioneers. The ultimate in DIY I guess. This is not Crass, not by a long shot but it is the singer singing those songs with a backing band as good as any you could assemble. I guess in true Crass fashion nobody really owns the songs so anyone can sing them. One singer that would have been influenced by the d.i.y. actions of Crass and their animal rights motto is Conor Oberst who is bringing the beautiful songs of Bright Eyes to Vicar Street on Thursday with Kurt Vile and the Violators playing in the same venue the night before.

Finishing of the week on Sunday afternoon a special mention must go to the Dubtones who are in the Wild Duck.

Priscilla Block – Workmans Cellar, Aug 29
Wolf Alice – Olympia, Aug 29 + 30
Anaïs Mitchell – Pepper Canister, Aug 30
Adore Delano – Button Factory, Aug 30
Alexandra Savior – Academy green Room, Aug 30
Ian Noe – Workmans, Aug 30
Neolithic – Whelans, Aug 30
Rachel Sage – Whelans Upstairs, Aug 31
Hurrah for the riff raff + Sister Ray – Whelans, Aug 31
Kurt Vile & The Violators – Vicar St, Aug 31
Sons Of The East – The Academy Green Room, Aug 31
100 gecs – Olympia, Sep 1
Gus Dapperton – Academy, Sep 1
Bright Eyes – Vicar Street, Sep 1
Band of friends – Whelans, Sep 1
Aisle of Night – Whelans, Sep 1
Steve Ignorant – Grand Social, Sep 2
The Ocean – Whelans, Sep 2
10CC – Vicar St, Sep 2 + 3
Jeremy Loops – Academy, Sep 3
Brandy Clark – Whelans, Sep 3
Gavin Fox – Workmans Cellar, Sep 3
Dubtones – Wild Duck, Sep 4
Dan Nightingale – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 4 (4.30pm and 8 pm)

A full list of upcoming gigs is available here

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