Australian Irish duo Chimers have been gathering up some momentum recently. The couple are on a holiday to Ireland so have managed to squeeze a few gigs in between visiting old friends and relatives. They are playing our We Shall Overcome benefit on Friday night so I sent guitarist/singer Padraig some questions on

1. Can we have a little history of the band – and your journey into Chimers. Was there ever a question of having more that 2 in the band?

Never! We started in the first lockdown of 2020 when we couldn’t rehearse with our regular bands. Adding another member would take away all the ease that comes with this band. We’d need a WhatsApp group for a start…..

2. Should music have any objective beyond entertaining the listener?

I think so! I definitely connect with music on a deeper level than just being entertained. It works on so many levels. I suppose as someone who plays music it’s different too, there’s all the things connected to it. Meeting different people, seeing different places. Chimers is unique in that we’re doing it all with our partner too, so that’s a really cool aspect to it also.

3.You’ve been around the Irish scene before and now have played some gigs back here. Is there any difference between audiences? I’m wondering if music transcends borders or does each city have its own way of dealing with live bands?

We’ve only played 2 gigs here so far so it’s hard to say in regards to Ireland. Where we live in Wollongong, Australia kind of reminds me of how Kilkenny used to be, as in not big enough to have different scenes so all bands pitch in to just help create a ‘music scene’. Which is great.

4. You have a chance to curate your own festival. You get a chance to pick 5 bands gone, going or still here before Chimers go on stage? Who would they be?

Jesus that’s hard…

Thee Headcoatees, B52’s, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Wipers, Etta James

Chimers play Bohs Bar on Friday September 23 with the last mile and Parker. Tickets available here

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