Chewie + Love Scum + Jacob and the ordeals. 

Workmen’s Club

April 7

Much like Easter is the celebration time for the catholic faith chewie have made it a tradition to call their followers out on Good Friday and spread their gospel. They always aim to please with their line-up and Jacob and the ordeals take the stage early on to a great reaction. Singalong emo pop and great banter with a delighted crowd. 

Love Scum were up next, in my advance research I tried to look this band up. Top tip – don’t do this in work, alarm bells will ring. Musically they were punk rocking the stage with a hardcore (no not that type) tinge. As if the Ramones moved to California in 1979 for the hardcore scene that was about to emerge. They reminded me of pensylvanias dark thoughts who you need to check out if you don’t know what I’m am talking about. Anyway this was all in preparation for the stations of the cross about to appear on stage that was chewie

Previously the band were called chewing on tinfoil but just as they started getting known they matured to Chewie. Images of someone enjoying their mastication rather than avoiding their fillings are now par for the course. We waited for the parish priest stu Daly to hit the stage and that he did. Right from the first note the crowd was in raptures. One hour of fun, smiles, comradeship and entertainment. A bit like the Stations of the Cross I guess 

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