Further In Evil is the debut full length from one-woman metal band, Marthe, which arrives via Southern Lord on October 20th. Further in Evil is an atmospheric and aggressive blend of punk and metal, a shift in gears from Marthe’s musical background in the anarcho-punk scene and inspired by riot grrrl, crust and d-beat. The lyrics are full of rage and the music is full of strength; it has the power of Bathory and the sadness of Tiamat, tinged with the stench of Amebix.

The narrative of Further In Evil is “a journey into evil. I consider it an epiphany in growing armor to make myself stronger. The title means entering the gates of darkness, becoming cold and detached so as not to suffer anymore,” explains Marzia, the woman behind the Marthe project. The source of many of the lyrics comes from a place of betrayal, and grief at losing “people who were central to me.” She comments, “we are alone”, but expels it as a statement of empowerment, rather than sadness – “the strength is ours.” As well as being introspective, Marthe’s lyrics look outwards at “contexts of injustice and suffering, when the main feeling is not having a voice.” Marthe’s music takes influence from other non-musical media as well – she cites the mood, atmosphere and colours of old school Italian horror movies, and continually comes back to nature as a source of inspiration.

Below is the new video for the album’s second single “To Ruined Altars…”

Of the single, Marthe comments: “‘To ruined altars you light no light’ is a popular Italian saying that means ‘wasting time on useless people or causes.’ I manipulated the sentence a bit in order to have an aesthetic sense; it means don’t waste candles or flowers on a broken or damaged altar since it won’t bring any benefit because of its condition. It also refers historically, for example, to women that can’t have kids anymore to point out that any kind of love, commitment, or engagement won’t result in having kids which was crucial to the family legacy in past ages. In general, it refers to anyone that feels trashed by someone that used to praise you before and then just lost interest.” She continues, “‘my memories are dark books you burnt while walking away’ refers to losing love for places or situations when the people you used to enjoy them with are no longer there, so your memories are ruined forever and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sense of loss will prevail and all you live after it is haunted by the lost memory of gone days.”

Pre-orders for the digital and vinyl variants of the LP via  Southern Lord Europe direct and Bandcamp.


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