Gale Forces
Highlights of existence

Former Engine Kid drummer Jade Devitt has found a new calling. The revelation records band were part of a scene in Seattle in the 90s that wasn’t nirvana influenced, they were a lot noisier.

Jade has now set out on a new musical experience as frontman. As a “band” Gale Forces released an EP in 2014, along with their full length album in 2017, but both were largely solo efforts with Jade playing all the instruments. In 2019 the band became a more collaborative affair and there’s now a full line up in place.

Closer to the quicksand sound on revelation this blends the punk and alternative rock sound with some adventurous vocal deliveries and soaring melodic guitar leads. It rocks in parts, and moves rhythmically in others,. The wind is blowing, hop on and rock out.


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