Wake In fright
Wake In Fright

There’s something terribly alluring about familiarity. When the flowers bloom annually in the garden of the daffodils springing up in the same place year in, year out. It is comfort, a kind of belonging. Music can bring the same comfort. When I hear bands that carry a torch to Wire, Mission of Burma or the Minutemen I get that sense of comfort. Like daffodils blooming they can all look slightly different and post-punk sounds can definitely have different ingredients.

Wake in Fright are a three piece from Portland Maine with Micah Blue Smaldone vocal’s barely making it into singin mode as his strikes his guitar acerbically and bullet like at times. Jonas Eule bangs those drums uncomplicatedly as the bass of Greg Bazinet supports it all with a fine beat.

It’s nothing modern or new but a treat of a find for me. Honestly, check this out.


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