This Weeks Gigs: Nov 20 – 26

Friday for me will be Tom Holliston + Simon Wells in Anseo. Excitement is building up in Hope Towers for this. Simon was in Snuff and Tom was in Nomeansno- what an incredible pedigree. Close your eyes and it might be 1990 all over again. Umack have really pulled a special one for this.

This weeks Gigs – Jan 29 – Feb

Some weekend for gigs this weekend. For the punks Cockney Rejects and Old Firm Casuals are on Friday with the Casualties on Saturday. For the noiseniks the Messtethics are on Sunday which will be great to see Joe Lally and brendan Canty from Fugazi playing once more together in Dublin. Saturday has the fascinating Spook … Continue reading This weeks Gigs – Jan 29 – Feb