Play of the day shaped like a melon

"It's at least comforting and often even life-saving to know that you're not alone, that you're not the only person feeling overwhelmed by injustice, abuse of power and all the shit that happens everywhere, but that you're among like-minded people who share the same attitude and morals."

Play of the day is burning through

Three years since Burnt Tapes have released some music and they return with Hannah Hermione Greenwood on Vextra vocal duties. this time round it's a look into many of the darker emotions happening. Emotions that we can't ignore but need each other to help get through them.

Play of the day – Fabled Minds

Musically it is very much like Propogandhi putting such an album together in a slightly slower down Bad Religion disguise. 13 well written and thoroughly thought through songs with beats, guitars and not too Much shouting going on.

Play of the Day – Burnt Tapes

Play of the Day - Brunt Tapes - Alterations I have a nice room in my house, complete with record player and stash of vinyl. I have nearly as many records as books lined up for listening to. A growing pile by the week and time always seems to catch up as I look enticingly … Continue reading Play of the Day – Burnt Tapes