Play of the Day – Brunt Tapes – Alterations

I have a nice room in my house, complete with record player and stash of vinyl. I have nearly as many records as books lined up for listening to. A growing pile by the week and time always seems to catch up as I look enticingly at the door of this escape vault daily. When I do make it in and get the chance to turn my stereo on I can’t seem to get past this album. This is becoming pretty much a daily ritual. Whilst the Catholicas in Ireland are salivating over the Pope coming to visit last weekend I was shaking my head to Burnt Tapes. Short sharp songs that have sing along feel with gruff vocals. Lyrically the songs are heartfelt about people and relationships or friendships that evolve. Life moves on for all and Burnt Tapes are capturing the reality that it is not a bed of roses for us.

Love it.

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