This Weeks gigs: Nov 18 – 24

Some crackers this week with the sound of the Ronettes hangoing out with the Raincoats in the guise of London punks, Big Joanie on Wednesday. Or !!! (chk chk chk) in Whelans the following night. On friday you may have been lucky to get a ticket to Girl Band or can wonder in the Scotish … Continue reading This Weeks gigs: Nov 18 – 24

This weeks Gigs – Sep 23 -30

Fibbers will keep you busy this weekend with Shithatt, the Nilz and Buck Eejit there on Friday and Headstone Horrors playing on Saturday with Audible Joes and Four Men Dead. That might keep you from the Vulpynes on Sturday in the Academy. If you still have some energy pop down to the Wild Duck for … Continue reading This weeks Gigs – Sep 23 -30

This Weeks Gigs : Oct 30 – Nov 4

This week is all about the Bar Stool Preachers - the band picked 5 songs they are listening to for Thirsday tunes last week. They are playing the Bowery this Thursday. There's a lot been spoken about Vulpynes these days. This two piece are in Whelans on Friday. There's another interesting gig in the Bello … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs : Oct 30 – Nov 4